Dental Implant

A modern German implant design that prevents bone loss in the neck area and allows bone formation. The dental implant is connected with a tight connective tissue, the gingival and bone relationship, thus more hygienic and more aesthetic gingiva formation is provided.

Deep Conical Connection

DXL implants provide a strong connection between the deep conical connection and the implant abutment. This connection reduces the risk of periimplantititis in the dental implant.

SLA Surface

DXL dental implant has an SLA surface that accelerates healing.

Surgical Kit

DXL dental implant has a simplified surgical set according to bone type with color codes.

Platform Switch

Platform switch design of dental implant abutment relationship in modern implantology. Superior German technology.

Raw Material

Cold worked Grade 4 KV Titanium is used in DXL dental implants. It shows a high degree of osteointegration and durability.

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